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Sodium caseinate
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Sodium caseinate

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6.50 - 6.80 $/килограмм, мин. 10000 кг
Условия поставки: CIF Нью-Йорк энд Нью-Джерси, США
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на Флагма с 5 октября 2016


Sodium caseinate of DairyCo is produced from cow`s milk by an extrusion method.

In caseinates production process we use EU origin (Poland, France) chemically pure sodium/calcium hydroxide, edible acid casein and water from own well, which passes a multi-level system of mechanical and chemical purification, demineralization, disinfection and structuring.

Application: food industry (dairy, nutrition, bakery, confectionery, sausage and meat, etc., products).

Quality characteristics:

- Protein in d. b. - min 94,5%
- Fat - max 2%
- Moisture - max 6%
- pH - 6.6-7.0
- Purity - A

Sodium caseinate is shipped in 25 paper bag with a polyethylene inner liner.

Shelf life and storage conditions: 24 months from the production date at the relative air humidity not above 80%, at a temperature from 0 to 25 ˚С.

Please contact for detail info.

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,  Луцк, UA
на Флагма с 5 октября 2016

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